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Running on coffee & sparkles

I am double busy preparing to launch the Exmoor Art&Craft Workshops next month- promoting the artists and crafters, making videos and flooding social media with photos of our tutors work so students know what they can expect from us. Updating our Google details etc etc blah blah!

Now I am very aware that launching anything new can be tricky, I'm having to light a lot of fires under people. Getting the balance correct is not easy- when do I go from super keen artist who has a vision of a creative space in my community where like minded crafty souls can spend an afternoon together, to nightmarish pain in the behind who's getting on every one's wick? Well I'm trying to hit all the right buttons today. The sun is out, my dogs are sunbathing as I tap away on my laptop. The kettle is always on (can I get an amen?!)

Nothing comes easily though- so I will continue to push through and work my socks off to make my venture a success. Hoorah for coffee & sparkles!


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